Trenton Police Athletic League

Mission Statement
The Trenton PAL, founded in 1947, strives to reduce the incidents of juvenile crime and delinquency while providing a positive influence in a child’s physical and social development. Dedicated to ‘providing an alternative to the streets’ PAL’s committed volunteers provide positive role models while PAL activities address juvenile crime, delinquency and foster positive development of social and physical skills needed to be law abiding, productive citizens.
In 1947 a group of Trenton police officers recognized the need to form a bond between the police and the very community they served. They further recognized the need to provide the youngsters of the City with ‘an alternative to the streets’. With those ideals in mind, they founded the Trenton Police Athletic League.

Since then, the Trenton PAL has been providing recreational and social activities to area youngsters. Our ultimate goal has been to get young adults involved and to 'provide an alternative to the streets.' In today’s times, more than ever, we recognize the need to fulfill our mission. To better enable us to meet the needs of the community, we continue to maintain year 'round activities as well as operating a multi-purpose community center. Trenton PAL continues to serve the community and services youngsters in a variety of activities.

Trenton PAL is unique in several ways, first, we accept youngsters regardless of their abilities, even those who have been rejected by other organizations. It is our firm belief that every youngster deserves the opportunity to grow in mind and body. We recognize no boundaries, we gladly accept everyone regardless of where they may live. Finally, no child is ever denied the chance to participate due to financial status.

Through the efforts of local business and countless volunteers, the PAL network has given tens of thousands of boys and girls the chance to become productive and responsible citizens. The success rate is immeasurable, especially when we see the beaming face of a youngster who has just experienced the feeling of achievement ... it speaks for itself.

In 2009, in an effort to keep up with the ever changing times and population of the city, Trenton PAL formed a working partnership with the Living Hope Empowerment Center.  This partnership has broadened the scope of services available at the PAL Community Center.  Through the efforts of the Living Hope Empowerment Center and Church a youth soccer program, a go-kart racing program as well as various social, mentoring and tutoring programs have been conducted to serve the needs of the community.

'providing an alternative to the streets'